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Gaylyn Foto playing violin on Thanksgiving Day while dressed up like a Pilgrim.

Much of life is put on hold for the time (as is most everyone’s), and since there are no new videos or no new life events to write about, I was a bit stumped on what to blog. Blogging our favorite snack recipe (with pictures included) would’ve been fun, but when you run out of the proper ingredients and can’t go to the grocery, well then… that answers that! 

Adelyn, moments after receiving her first violin!

After having a couple friends recently text asking where to purchase a violin, it dawned on me, “Why not jot down some pointers from our experiences over the years”. I don’t at all pretend to be an expert in this area, because if I’m honest, violin shopping still freaks me out. (There’s a reason I’ve played the same instrument for 8+ years now when I could stand to use a different one.) String instrument shopping feels like a close second to car shopping and dealing with those classic stereotype car salesmen (no offense to all you good peeps out there 😉). You really need to know your stuff and who to trust. That’s why I wanted to tell you about Shar Music. And no… this is not a paid partnership, they’re just amazing, and deserve a shoutout. 

Katelyn & Gaylyn with their very first violins!

We’ve used them for many years now, and have always had awesome results. They have instruments of all sizes, price ranges, and levels. I know what you’re thinking… “That can still be intimidating!”, and I agree. But the best thing about Shar Music is their customer service. Just the other day, I was on their website with a question about rosin (the stuff you rub on the bow hair), so I picked up the phone and within minutes had my answer and order placed. Any and every question, they are ready to answer.

They also run promotions quite frequently, so I would highly recommend signing up for their email blasts. Definitely a sucker for sales and good deals! Speaking of, check out their clearance page with used and blemished instruments. 

And final pointer is making sure you get the correct size instrument. I’ve attached a link HERE and HERE (this one with cello included) with measurement info, plus, a video below for you visual learners.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment below and I’ll do my very best to answer! 

Stay safe and God bless you…

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  1. I’ve enjoyed so much of your music up in my special room. I love to be alone and listen to you girls. As small girls, you were so blessed to have such parents, each other, instilled faith with God’s obvious purpose for your lives. What you 3 have brought down here, I love to imagine this is my Heavenly daughter’s music(vocal and piano) with so “great a cloud of witnesses” and Christ, our Savior, friend, and Sovereign Ruler of the skies. In this my hope lies. Also, thanks girls, for the lovely piece, the video, Delivered. Addie, Your voice is most precious. I now have a Christmas solo my heart would love to sing for our church. What an amazing influence you girls have been! God makes no mistakes. Tell me what else I can do for you, as you know I pray for you girls quite often. Thank you Katie for your sweet reply. Maybe next year a Foto sisters ornament for my tree. Love you all so much. May God forever bless you.

  2. I’ve had you all on my minds lately. I know your family is surely growing. Such blessings! Katie-I think you may have spoken over the phone to our pianist a couple months ago as we had planned my son’s funeral. It went well and my heart was so comforted to have a great friend and soloist sing 2 of your pieces; Sovereign ruler of the Skies and The Shepherd Knows Your Name. Are we expecting a baby now or is the baby born? I continue to pray for God’s blessings. Sure hope Gaylyn is doing well and continuing in what she loves to do. I think of you often and pray for you all. Much love and hugs, Ms. Kathy.

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