Why the NEW album?

To be in the studio again is super exciting for us, because it’s an absolute joy to be able to share new music we love with you!

As we began the brainstorming process for the new CD a few months ago, we felt strongly about a particular theme that has changed our lives. Life is an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows that take a toll mentally and physically on us day to day, and the gift of song is a means of grace our Lord has created to encourage and strengthen the believer. We’ve found (from personal experience and observation), songs which strike a chord in the listeners (and us) are those which sing of Christ’s steadfast love holding us fast. It is that truth we anchor this CD upon.

“I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will make music.” – Psalm 101:1

Martin Luther put the importance and power of music so beautifully in his statement:

“Next to the word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language, combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through music.”

Stay tuned as we slowly release more info and videos about the project! And if you’d like to sponsor this CD and get more behind the scenes updates before anyone else, click HERE to find out how 😊

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