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With the launch of a new website, we decided to also branch out and do something we’ve never done … launch a blog! Here, we can’t wait to share random things from new music, to concert wardrobe, to even favorite recipes. Blogs are also the perfect place to share about what the Lord is teaching us and doing in our personal lives. It’s all going to be super random, but whatever it is, it will be from the heart! Speaking of “heart” … we also have someone’s exciting “love life” to update you on here … (pics included). Thought I’d “throw that bone” for you super romantics out there! 😉

It’s gonna be fun and we look forward to connecting with all of you in yet another way outside of social media. Feel free to write us (email or comment below) and ask about certain topics, because we definitely want ideas … ideas from you!

God bless you all! Talk later …



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  1. The new website looks fantastic!
    May the Lord bless each of you as you spread the love of Jesus through your sweet music!!!

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