Video @ 3:30AM?????

String trio on Narrows of the Harpeth hiking trail in TN

If a week is crazy busy, common sense would tell most to simplify the schedule. But somehow, the Foto family manages to interpret “crazy busy” as, “add more to the schedule”. 🙄So after “kidnapping” the newly wed sister of less than 2 weeks, we traveled to our Nashville home with a checklist to accomplish. One of those checklist items included waking up at 3:30AM two consecutive mornings and hiking a half-mile (half asleep … may I add) up a mountain to capture the most majestic sunrise at Harpeth River State Park! Makeup became our “best friend” both days as we attempted to cover up the sleepy looks on our faces. 

(To answer the question assumed you’re wondering … YES, we did take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all participating! 🙂

VIDEO SYNOPSIS: “At break of dawn, follow three journeys up a mountain weighed down by cares & sorrows, until hope is found and the music escalates in joyous victory with spectacular views as the three join in chorus singing “You Raise Me Up”!

God delights when we find pleasure in the beautiful things He’s created. But if those things are all we cling to for our satisfaction and life, it WILL fail. It WILL disappoint. Only Christ has the power to revive our spirit and bring salvation to our helpless state of depravity.”

Special thanks goes to our dear friend and blogger/writer, Caroline Williams, for dreaming up the location as we sat around her living room sipping tea, and chatting of life and future projects!

And now, thank YOU for taking the time to read this post. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the OFFICIAL Music Video for “You Raise Me Up”.


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  2. I’ve listened to this dozens of times. Everything about it-scenery, music, voices, words, is gorgeous.

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