“Sovereign Ruler of the Skies”

"Sovereign Ruler of the Skies" YouTube thumbnail.

God finds ways to make us halt when we find ourselves speeding through life. “Sovereign Ruler of the Skies” would’ve never come about unless a pandemic hadn’t swept over the world causing temptation to fear. After shooting the official music video for the song, Gaylyn and Katie sat down on the steps of Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church to share what the song means to them, and how it came about… with some special behind the scenes studio footage included!

Behind the song…

Official Music Video…

Sheet music available here

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  1. Really enjoyed this song. Loved your mini-concert at Ligonier this week. May our Lord bless your efforts to give Him glory!

  2. God Bless you and greetings to you.

    At FBC Mustang, on Aug 22nd you play a song with a video that show president JFK in the evening event. What is the name of that song and in what Disc is included. Thank you for your ministry and God keep using you in this way for the rest of your life!

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