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Words & Music: John Ryland (1753-1825) , Gaylyn Foto,
Katelyn Foto, & Jonathan Monk

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Some would call it, “happenstance”, others, “serendipitous”, but we call it, “God’s providence”. The lyrics of “Sovereign Ruler of the Skies” were brought to our attention one afternoon of March, 2020. As our Mom was scrolling through Facebook, she paused to read a text posted by our pastor, Dr. Tom Hicks. Being struck by its power, she quickly called Gaylyn and me (Katelyn) over to her computer as she began again to read the lyrics of “Sovereign Ruler of the Skies”…but this time out-loud. Each line kept speaking to our hearts more than the previous, and so without a doubt, we knew it must go on the album, “Faithful”. We tweaked a few lines, added a chorus, and did our best to construct a new and fitting melody.
We fought back tears then during the recording process, and continue to fight back tears today as the words spill out of our mouths week after week. If for no one else, “Sovereign Ruler of the Skies” holds a message our family has needed during these days more than ever. But we also pray, that as it has ministered to us, so also it will be an encouragement to others.

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Sovereign Ruler of the skies
Ever gracious, ever wise
All my times are in Your hand
All events at Your command

His decree, Who formed the earth
Fixed my first and second birth
Now my life to Him I owe
Where He leads me I will go

Ever Faithful
Ever True
Keep my heart to only You
Since I cannot part from Thee
Sovereign Ruler ever be

Plagues and deaths around me fly
Till He bids, I cannot die
Not a single shaft can hit
Till the God of love thinks fit

Times the tempter's power to prove
Times to taste a Savior's love
All must come and last and end
As shall please my heavenly Friend


He that formed me in the womb
He shall guide me to the tomb
All my times shall ever be
Ordered by His wise decree


Thee, at all times, will I bless
Having Thee, I all possess
Since I cannot part from Thee
Sovereign Ruler ever be


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  1. I placed an order for the sheet music to this song, but did not receive a confirmation email. My credit card has been charged. Can you please send the confirmation email and download instructions/link to my email address below? Thank you,

  2. Just learned of your music ministry today from a podcast I was listening to. Got home and looked you up on you tube and my wife and I set mesmerized to every video we watched and listened to. I see you are going to be at a church in Jacksonville fl in dec. for a Christmas program. We live in Tampa Bay Area and hope you can come to our Area in the near future. Keep writing and making great music.

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