Quarantine Blessings!

Katelyn and Gaylyn Foto holding their nephews during an Instagram live

When we realize everything happens under God’s providence and ordained will, I think our only response can be a heart of worship. 

Watch Instagram live HERE

A few weeks ago, we were so excited to announce, “New music coming soon!”, but as with everyone else, the “soon” word was thrown away, and many of life’s plans were brought to a screeching halt. Music videos stopped, air travel was canceled, recording was called off, and we headed back to Louisiana to settle down with family. 

Mom has often reminded us that life is like a tapestry. From the back, it looks confusing and disorderly, but when turned around, it’s a stunning piece of art. 2020 has felt much that way, and we may never have all the answers to “why”, but we know our God does. 

Back in March, life was moving so fast, we barely had time to really think through each song we wanted on this album. As we look back over the quarantine weeks, though, we can already see blessings which have come from extra time to think and pray. Slowly, we’ve watched the Lord “drop” each song in our laps… from a long-distance co-write with Tony Woods, Phillip Keveren & Kent Hooper, to a pastor’s Facebook post of an old hymn lyric. (More details to come on that one!). 

Friday afternoon, we went LIVE on Instagram to share some new updates! Check it out HERE.

So stay tuned! What if I told you something NEW was coming next Wednesday! 😉 

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