The Shepherd Knows Your Name


The Shepherd Knows Your Name sheet music includes the score, violin, viola, and cello parts.

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The Shepherd Knows Your Name

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Verse 1:
The sound of love
Invites us to come running
The Shepherd’s voice is in our hearts
We walk His way
The pastures of His presence
And find in Him the peace that grace imparts

He knows your name
And speaks it to His Father
His thoughts are with you
Each moment of the day
He is no stranger
To your hurt your heartache
You’re in His care
The Shepherd knows Your name

Verse 2:
He never sleeps
Our Shepherd never slumbers
He knows no night
His watch care never ends
He sees beyond the dangers of this moment
We need not fear what lies beyond the bend


Don’t be afraid
The dawn of hope is breaking
God’s planned your tomorrow
He’ll see you through today