By Strength Unknown (SHEET MUSIC)


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By Strength Unknown (SHEET MUSIC)

Click here for song DEMO.

“By Strength Uknown” (Martin Luther’s prayer the night before the Diet of Worms.)
Words by: Adelyn Foto
Music by: Phillip Keveren

Oh God, almighty everlasting
Dreadful is the world
With open mouth to swallow me
And how small my faith in Thee!

The weakness of the flesh
And power of the Evil One
If I depend on worldly strength
Surely all is over.

Oh God, Oh God, Oh Thou my God!
I have nothing to contend
With these men of the world
The work not mine, but Thine.

My God! Dost Thou not hear?
Art Thou no longer living?
No, I know Thou cannot die
But now are only hiding 

Thou has chosen me for this work
Fulfill Thy will, O God
Forsake me not
For Thy Beloved’s sake
The Christ, my shield, my tower.

My God, where art Thou? Lord, where art Thou?
Come! I pray, I’m ready
To lay my life down for Thy truth
The cause, Thine own, is holy.

I will not let Thee go
Not yet for all eternity
And though this world with devils filled
And torn my body lay

I have Thy word and this I know
My soul is Thine forever
So now send help
God send help
O God, send help