“I Will Wait For You (Psalms 130)”

At the First Baptist Church of Covington, LA shooting music video for "I Will Wait For You"

Last year, at the Getty’s Sing Conference, I was introduced to a new hymn (written by Keith Getty, Jordan Kauflin, Matt Merker & Stuart Townend) and immediately fell in love with the lyric and tune. The special combination of Truth mixed with a powerful melody just “spoke my language”! Needless to say, “I Will Wait For You” has ministered to me countless times, and I’m not one to cry easily, but this one has done it! It beautifully puts the cry in Psalms 130 to song, and speaks so directly to the soul and of the war raging within.

We three girls recently had the opportunity to record “I Will Wait For You” and make a music video that we hope “packages” the song in a way that will help others hear the message. 

We are so grateful to our dear friends at First Baptist Church, Covington, LA for graciously allowing us to use their stunning new sanctuary for this video shoot! 

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  1. Beautifully done! This song truly has become healing to my bones… as I struggle through my days with Lyme/Rocky Mtn. Fever. This song is so soft and encouraging to my weary body. As the Lord allows you precious ladies to use your giftedness I pray that He enables you to do many more of singing God’s Word! WOW!!! There is nothing more peaceful and uplifting than singing God’s Word! God is using your music to draw us closer to Christ and each other! To God be the Glory!

    1. Post

      Praise the Lord, Mrs. Kim!!!! This song and the truths it talks about has been such comfort to my (Katie) heart too!!!! So thankful that the LORD is using it to encourage others also!!!!

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