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  1. I emailed the foto sisters to thank them for encouraging me in the Lord through their music. To my surprise Katie replied! As a musician myself well acquainted with the covetous, profit based and quite often selfish attitudes of the secular side of the music industry the foto sisters found themselves a new older brother so hoping and praying they have wonderful and blessed 2023!

  2. Adding to my previous post. Christians certainly can and should pursue their music careers and make a profit! But, from my experience, if one is not careful, they can get wrapped up in situations where they don’t feel comfortable for all the right reasons, yet compromise who they really are inside to be liked and accepted only later to realize that they trapped themselves with others that are on a totally different page. All believers learn eventually that they must make their faith and boundaries known and understood at the get go so others don’t misunderstand where they are coming from. Having learned this I’m a much happier musician and my creativity is free and flourishing!

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