FUN (or not so fun) FACTS – The Lord’s Prayer

What the video doesn’t show 😉…

I believe we covered up (or at least we hope lol) the pale faces, cold expressions, and chattering teeth we were experiencing that “winter” day in June as we attempted to shoot the music video for “The Lord’s Prayer”. But… there was another surprise that caught us off guard 10x more than temperature. Just 24 hours before, we found out the newly weds, Jonathan & Addie, were expecting!!! The combination of temperature & pregnancy made for some VERY unexpected difficulties. Though we were all freezing up in the mountains, Addie’s body in particular wasn’t handling the cold very well as she now had 3 bodies (yes, it’s twins) to warm. In-between shots, we would all go to the car, blast the heat, then hike back up the mountain and continue. This went on for some time, but with summer dresses and sandals, we could only take so much until for safety’s sake, we had to call it quits. Jackets were hidden under wild brush and flowers to avoid being seen in drone shots, but they were never so quickly retrieved when a shot was complete. 

Addie going to hide her jacket in the bushes.

Back at the cabin, all sat around attempting to thaw out and dreading the rest of the day! We still had MUCH more to capture… but it felt impossible. “Do we fly back out to CO another time when things are warmer?” was the question in everyone’s minds. About 30 minutes later, our cinematographer, Nathan, decided to return to the mountain to capture some “b-roll”. To his amazement, things had warmed up about 10 degrees, and the sun had peaked out from behind the clouds! Courage rallied, and we headed back up flower-covered mountains to finish. Location 1 was completed, and it was now time to drive up 7,000 more feet for the climax scenes in Loveland Ski Area

Addie trying to get her dress out of the briars.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the temperature of location 2, at an elevation of 13,000 feet surrounded by snow, was not so bad … as long as the sun revealed itself. “Breathtaking” is the perfect word to describe the awe and beauty before our eyes. “For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever” NEVER felt so inspired to sing!!! As we wrapped up the shoot, we were filled with thankfulness to the Lord for allowing us to complete what at the beginning of the day felt like an impossible task. Little did we know, there was still one more setback we weren’t prepared for… and one that would bring a few tears to our eyes. 

While transferring the footage over to our editing drives, something seemed off. The dreaded thing had happened! Some of our best drone footage files were corrupted due to a faulty SD card. The scenes we were most excited about were GONE! Gone with no hope of ever being retrieved! It was in those moments, we had to remind ourselves if we believed the Lord allowed the weather to warm up earlier in the day, and had allowed us to continue filming, there was a reason He allowed this loss to happen! 

Getting ready to film in Loveland Ski Area

All the difficult circumstances added to the creative challenge of editing “The Lord’s Prayer”. But after some long and creative hours of brainstorming, we were able to export and upload a product we believe portrays the majesty and beauty of God’s creation!

We hope you enjoy the video below, and if you feel like it, leave a comment with questions or ideas for other future Blog articles!

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