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One of the most frequently asked questions we’re asked is, “Where do you find your dresses?”. The answer in short is, “Many different places!”. After HOURS of online shopping, and numerous failed purchases, the process of finding stage attire has become much easier. But ask each one of us what the “nightmare” of our first big concert was, and we’ll all say, “Finding and agreeing on the wardrobe!”. When you’re dealing with 3 girls, 3 different style preferences, 3 different body types, a budget, and modesty standards, I think you can imagine the frustrations. We’ve learned a whole lot … including the fact that Gaylyn has the best “eye” for choosing the “look”. She’s a natural when it comes to fashion, so needless to say, life has been a smoother ride since delegating this responsibility to her!

Though we purchase dresses from numerous companies, we’ve put together a list of those “staple” sites we turn to first when needing a new trio of dresses. If we find a dress (or any article of clothing) we love but that is out of stock, before giving up, we head to online resale sites like eBay.com and Poshmark.com to search for it. Believe it or not, we’ve had LOTS of success! And of course, Amazon.com is always a standard go to!

We hope you’ll find these photos, links and tips helpful to finding those favorite items hanging in your closet … and spare you the hours of difficult shopping we’ve endured!

If you have more questions, feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll be more than happy to answer! 🙂 

Lulus Dress Link here (SOLD OUT)

Lulus.com is a site we’ve been really enjoying as of late with tons of AFFORDABLE options. When you see advertisements for random clothing companies, often, you don’t know which ones to trust. But Lulus has proven to be very reliable and also offers FREE shipping & FREE returns … which is very important to us when trying things! (FYI … sometimes we DO have to modify the dresses so they are more stage appropriate.)

Katie (far left) wearing an ASOS dress
ASOS Skirts

ASOS.com is an online company that also offers FREE shipping & FREE returns. (Though they carry some of the most beautiful and conservative options, beware that much of their stuff needs a little extra fabric lol.) With thousands of choices in their catalog, take advantage of the search engine and type in exactly what you’re looking for. Example: “long sleeve midi blue floral dress”. 

Boden Dress Link here

BodenUSA.com is the place for you if you’re wanting a look straight out of Princess Kate Middleton’s closet. Their shipping and return policy isn’t as sweet as others, but it’s often worth the risk to try something. 

Standard SHIPPING: $5 or FREE when you spend over $49 / RETURNS: $7 deduction from refund.

Nordstrom.com has thousands of gorgeous options as well as FREE shipping & FREE returns. Refine the search according to what you need for faster and speedier shopping. 

Basixblacklabel.com has some of the most gorgeous gowns you will ever lay eyes on. Though not cheap (emphasis added), you can sometimes find certain gowns elsewhere for better prices on other sites like saksfifthavenue.com … or as always, check eBay and Poshmark. 

Gaylyn’s Dress: Adrianna Papell LINK HERE
Katie’s Dress: Basix Black Label
Addie’s Dress: Adrianna Papell LINK HERE

Adriannapapell.com is a popular brand sold at most department stores, but many times we’ve found better prices by simply going to the direct site. As a bonus, first time customers get 15% OFF their order! Amazon.com will also carries some Adrianna Papell styles for killer deals!

SHIPPING: Free / RETURNS: $6.95 refund deduction.


KOH KOH dresses from Amazon have been a lifesaver! With lots of styles and colors, they can be dressed up or down … and they’re CHEAP!

Free People Dresses (SOLD OUT in store, but available on resale sites)
Addie & Gaylyn’s Dress Style: “After the Storm”
Katie’s Dress Style: “First Kiss”

From department stores, to little touristy boutiques, FreePeople.com can be found just about anywhere. If you’re going for a very unique bohemian look, this is the company for you!

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  1. This is awesome! I love your style! But where did you get the pink floral one from Carlin’s wedding rehearsal? I searched about 100 sites before I finally gave up!

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      Great question!!! That dress was from a little boutique in Columbia, TN a while back. It’s made by “Flamingo Urban”. Hope that helps! 🙂

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