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It seems as though songs which mean most to people are the songs with relatable lyrics. Whatever the topic, it’s those that connect with a current season one may be in! Life can be hard, and questions of “why” or “what next” are natural. But what we do with those questions is the key. Are we going to stay in a state of “why”, or will we walk by faith in a Sovereign God who knows and ordains all things for His glory?

Song writers Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene took a very familiar account of Scripture we all know, and told it by way of multiple questions. Whatever Mary may or may not have known about her Son, Jesus, we do know one thing: She believed what the angel, Gabriel, said unto her! For in Luke 1:45, her cousin, Elizabeth, said of her…

“And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.” (Luke 1:45)

We chose to include “Mary, Did You Know?” on our CD, A Foto Sisters Christmas, because it’s a favorite for so many (and frequently requested) during the holiday season.

When beginning an arrangement, you often start with a general idea, never really knowing where things are going to end up. All gathered in the studio, our producers, Kent and Phillip, laid the basic minor chord structure to follow, then sent us home to work on string parts. (Two of the most talented arrangers in Nashville asking this of us? No pressure haha!) We make a practice of praying before each music session asking the Lord to work through us for His glory, and many times, we look back to certain events and think to ourselves, “That really wasn’t us, but the Lord inspiring through us!” We didn’t set out for the song to sound Middle-eastern, but the cello theme just took it there. Though not on purpose, how fitting for it to resemble the music style of the very area within which the story took place?

We hope you enjoy and are blessed by the music video we released TODAY for this special song ☺️

Until next month’s blog…

God bless you!

Adelyn, Katelyn & Gaylyn

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