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Katelyn and Gaylyn fixing their hair before a music video shoot in Nashville

Are you a reader? If your answer’s “no”, then we’ve got you covered! To be honest, with the very little time we have outside of music, reading gets put on the “back burner” a whole lot. Unfortunately, in today’s fast passed world, it seems as though images and videos are the new go-to. But … if you said “yes” to the question, then below, you’ll find a link to our blog post from a few weeks ago where we talked about the making of “You Raise Me Up” music video. But I must say, the video includes many details that the article doesn’t, so maybe do both: read the article, and watch the video! 😉 

Behind the scenes of “You Raise Me Up”

Step into our life for a few minutes and see what it’s like making a music video with us! I bet you can’t guess what all took place 😂…


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  1. I heard you all tonight at Richard Rathbone’s birthday party! This was my first exposure to your music and it left me in tears and a heart full of joy! Thank you for using your talents to honor and glorify the Lord!! I know everyone was touched, especially our dear friends Richard and Michele! Many blessings!!
    Beverly Clary

    1. Post

      What an honor it was to be a little part of such a sweet day for someone so special! 🙂 Thank you very much for your kind words … and your encouragement means a whole lot to hear. God bless you! – Katie

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