Addie & Jonathan – Part 2

(If you have not yet read “Part 1” of this story, we recommend you pause and go read it first before continuing. It’ll make more sense that way! Enjoy 🙂

(Outside the little chapel after the surprise proposal at Montgomery Bell State Park.)

Jon texted me late on January 1st (poor thing he waited till it was almost too late he was so nervous) asking if he could call cause he had some “things to talk to me about”. I knew what this meant and was more than happy to say “of course”! That night, he told me his feelings and I told him mine. After an entire year of knowing each other yet God leading us in different ways, our lives were now merging together.
We knew going into a relationship together that the purpose was to find out if we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other. That obviously didn’t take very long!! 
We spent lots of time with each other throughout January and February and every moment together became increasingly more wonderful.

On February 21st, I thought my sisters and I were going to be part of a music video with a friend, Lawson Bates, on his original love song, “I Will Always”. The plan was to film it in a cute little Presbyterian church, tucked in the beautiful Montgomery Bell State Park. Our marketing and media guy, Nathan Johnson (with Johnson Marketing & Media), was flying in and was “heading up the project”. Unknown to me, Jon and his family had made the trip up to Nashville the night before.

On the morning of the 21st, Jon and his family got to the little chapel, and while Katie and Dad went to the airport to pick up Nathan, Jon and his family decorated the church aisle … it was so romantic with the red rose petals and candles!

Both families: Monks & Fotos!

His family hid behind the church until I walked in the chapel. I was shocked to see Jon standing there at the front of the aisle and wasn’t able to move for a few long seconds until it slowly started sinking in what was happening.

Well, the rest is history! Our families had gone to great lengths to be there to celebrate with us which was such a gift Jon and I will always treasure.

Everything that has happened to bring us to where we are today is because of God’s grace and mercy on our lives and then by the love given us by our families and by all of you who have been part of our lives and loved us through the years.

We are so excited about the next few months and the wedding quickly approaching. We want to thank all of you who read this story for the influence you’ve had on our lives. We love you all and thank the Lord for each of you.

– Jonathan and Addie

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  1. We are very sorry but due to a prior commitment we will not be able to attend the wedding.

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